Electro Mechanics

Airpack Netherlands

Airpack is the manufacturer of custom made packages for the oil and gas industry. Airpack make packages with compressors, dryers and nitorgen generators. Airpack design, manufacture and test all the installations completely according to the customer’s specifications and petrochemical standards.


Airpack compressor packages are supplied according to the customer’s requirements and can be configured with reciprocating, screw or centrifugal type compressors. Packages come completely assembled and ready for start-up including all interconnecting piping, wiring and custom programmed PLC Control. Compressor Packages Include:

  • Screw Compressors
  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Centrifugal Compressors


Airpack dryer packages are custom designed according to their required dewpoint, operating capacity and pressure. In-house expertise allows us to engineer the best suitable dryer type for the required application. Airpack can offer the following dryer types based on preference and/ or application:

  • Heatless Adsorption
  • Heated Adsorption
  • Refrigerated
  • Membrane

Nitrogen Generators

Airpack membrane type nitrogen generators are the most efficient and easy solution for safety gas supply. Ready-to-run upon arrival, Airpack nitrogen generators require just minutes to reach their required purity and can deliver up to 99.9% nitrogen. Airpack can offer the following types:

  • Membrane
  • PSA

Halton Group

Halton Group specializes in indoor climate and indoor environmental products, services and solutions. Halton’s aim is to create comfortable and safe indoor environments that have energy-efficient and sustainable life cycle.


Halton Marine Division

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Dampers, Diffusers

Safety is the most important in extreme working conditions, where a fire could put people’s life at risk unless necessary precautions are taken. Therefore it is essential that the equipment chosen to prevent fire progression within a ventilation ductwork is top-class. Because smoke and other toxic gases can be more dangerous than the fire itself, it is important that the fire dampers also prevent smoke from spreading. Halton is the manufacturer supplying smoke-tight fire dampers.


Marine Services

Indoor climate solutions – products and systems – for various environments and quality of indoor environment from design to the use of the facility

Marine HVAC Audits – Ships are required to dry-dock every now and then. Major overhauls usually extend the ship’s life cycle, attract new passengers and create an opportunity to upgrade the ship with modern up-to-date solutions.

Successful dry-docking requires a great deal of planning and some serious decisions concerning what should and can be done. Prior to dry-docking, Halton Marine can offer an HVAC Audit for galley and cabin ventilation – the areas that use a substantial part of HVAC. Based on the HVAC Audit, Halton Marine draws up a report on the upgrades, improvements and solutions it recommends in order to have a better functioning system. When these improvements have been carried out, Halton Marine conducts another survey to compare the results to the original values and to verify the results.

Halton Marine has improved the energy efficiency, safety and the indoor environment quality in many major refurbishment projects


Halton Food Services Division

Kitchen Ecology Units

Solutions range from public and commercial buildings to health care and laboratories, commercial kitchen and restaurant applications and recognized indoor climate solutions for marine and offshore applications. Areas of expertise and product ranges cover air diffusion, airflow management, fire safety, kitchen ventilation, air purification and indoor environmental management.


SSD Drives – Parker Hannifin

Precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of markets – aerospace, climate control, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatics, process control, sealing and shielding.

  • Aerospace Systems and Technologies
  • Air preparation (FRL) and Dryers
  • Cylinders and Actuators
  • EMI Shielding
  • Filters, Separators & Purifiers
  • Gas Generators
  • Medical & Dental equipments
  • Motors, Drives and Controllers
  • Pumps
  • Fittings

The fittings provide leak free solutions including the most comprehensive range of instrumentation products ranging from Single (CPI), Double (A-lok) compression Fittings, Instrument Pipe and ISO conversion Fittings, MPI fittings, Tube ended pressure gauges, Phastite, Ultra seal fittings, Vacuseal fittings, Welded Fittings, Tube fabricating Equipment, Manifolds, Ball, Needle Valves and sub -system for the varied oil & gas, power generation, process analytical and alternate fuel markets.

Focus on solving some of the world’s greatest engineering challenges sparks passion for innovation and the Technological expertise secures a more sustainable future growth.


Rittal GmbH & Co.

Product Range Includes:

  • Innovative enclosure
  • Power Distribution
  • Climate Control
  • IT infrastructure
  • Software & Services
  • System Accessories

All these together on a single system platform, complemented by extensive range of software tools and global services, creating a unique added value for all industrial applications: Production plant, test equipment, facility management and data centres

In accordance with the simple principle, “Faster – better – everywhere”, innovative products and efficient services are combined to optimum effect.


Saacke Group

Burners and Burner Management Systems

Boiler and Process firing systems – reliable solutions, highly efficient with low emissions

  • Industrial Burners and burner control systems
  • Combustion chambers & Hot gas generators
  • Marine burners & boilers
  • Exhaust gas cleaning
  • GCU Marine combustion chambers
  • Combustion air supply system

Installation, commissioning, inspection/maintenance/repair, plant and engineering consultation and training services available


Winsted Control Room Consoles

Control room console solutions – attractive, ergonomic consoles that work with operators to improve comfort and optimize efficiency. Customized consoles suitable for any control room application, for control rooms from the ground up, or just upgrading operations, Experts combine the disciplines of industrial design, ergonomics and interior design to create solutions that are both efficient and eye-catching.

Special consideration to the ergonomic requirements of operators to build consoles that reduce fatigue, improve productivity and inspire. Commitment to customer service is second-to-none and satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Envision command consoles
  • Sight-line consoles
  • Slat-wall consoles
  • E-SOC control stations
  • Encompass-2 workstations
  • M-View monitor walls
  • Pro-series I & II Racks

Swimming Pool Solutions

A one stop solution for everything related to Pool and Spa projects – from motors to tiles and various accessories.

  • The Solar option – available in two versions: the Polytub S for ground-level installations and the Polytub M for roof installations
  • The heat pump – an intelligent solution to transfer heat from the air into pools
  • The heat exchanger – works with existing low-energy consumption home boilers operated on natural gas – also suitable for propane gas or oil boilers
  • Pool heaters – to heat pools extremely quickly with adjustable power to suit the volume of water to be heated
  • The Aqualarm – alerts in the event of a fall into the pool, whilst avoiding false alarms due to environmental disturbances (weather or service equipment such as the cleaner robot or filter system) – in compliance with International Safety Standards and Pool Safety Laws
  • The Molder Disnova water slide – UV resistant, stainless steel components, access staircase with non-slip steps, aluminium handrails and safety bar, lateral water jets to soak the slide – available in 3 models: left curve, right curve, straight curve and straight
  • The New Wave water slide – high density Polyethylene material, non-slip 5-rung ladder, handrails & handle – anti-corrosion treated paint finish


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