Energy & Power

Emerson Network Power

Custom built Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs) for all industrial (including Oil & Gas) and critical applications in the world.

On-line double conversion technology protects and isolates the load against black out, brown out and all power quality disturbances

Product range includes:

  • Single–phase AC UPS
  • Three-phase AC UPS
  • DC UPS systems
  • Battery and battery protection (MCCB) box
  • Battery monitoring system
  • AC and DC distribution panels
  • Connectivity and monitoring solution
  • Mizar & Alcor UPS 10-15KVA & 20-30KVA
  • Quasar & Vela UPS from 40 to 60KVA
  • Atlas UPS from 80 to 120 kVA
  • Super Nova 150KVA – 500KVA

Pheonix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

Electrical and electronic automation engineering range of products include: various types of terminal blocks  / 3 way isolation amplifiers / Signal duplicator, Multiplier / Loop powered isolator / Passive isolators / Transducer – Current / Voltage / Frequency / Temperature /  8/12bit A/D converters and D/A Converters / Power Supply units / Surge Protection Devices / Interface Cabling / Industrial Connectors / Electronic Monitoring Relays for Current, Voltage, Phase Sequence and Temperature / Surge Protection Devices for Power Supplies, Measurement & control technology Data networks and standard interface Transceiver systems, telecommunication systems etc.

  • Industrial Connection Technology Clipline
  • Marking System Complete
  • Signal Converters Interface
  • Components and Systems – AUTOMATION
  • Power and Signal Quality – TRABTECH
  • Field cabling – PLUSCON
  • PCB Connection Systems – COMBICON

PMI – Power Management Instruments

PMI, Power Management Instruments is a privately owned, technology company who have long-standing experience in high frequency power conversion systems. The company is able to design and manufacture all parts from PCBs, transformers and software to outer chassis in its fully integrated electronic and mechanical production facilities in Ankara. Besides its wide range of power electronics portfolio, the company continually innovates new products and handles custom projects for a broad range of industries covering Oil & Gas, petrochemicals, mining, process industries, energy transmission and distribution as well as healthcare.

Product Range Includes:

  • Online UPS
  • Industrial UPS
  • Battery Charger / DC Rectifier
  • SERVO Voltage Regulators
  • Static Voltage Regulator
  • Electronic pf Corrector
  • Inverter

Turbostar Technical Services LLC

Turbostar specializes in manufacture and repairs of hydrodynamic bearings for rotating machinery. Capabilities include both centrifugally cast and statically cast Babbitt bearings.  Proprietary methods allows to achieve 100% bonds and porosity free bearings.  All bearings are checked dimensionally to verify both bore and housing fits.

Products include a complete line of sleeve bearings, tilting pad journal bearings, equalizing and non-equalizing tilting pad thrust bearings, flat and tapered-land thrust plates for light and heavy industrial equipments for oil & gas, power plants, and marine sectors. The parts are produced with high quality, confidence, and dedication to our customer’s specifications and requirements.

The technical team is exceptionally skilled with over 15 years of experience. Extensive knowledge and library of original parts helps  to identify the most critical aspects of the part and then use Solid Modeling technology to repair or manufacture. Turbostar has the capability to re-engineer your products with samples or base data.





Triveni Turbines

The Triveni Group of Companies is a focused, growing conglomerate having diversified interests in Engineering, Co-Generation, Clean Water Solutions, Distillery and Sugar. Triveni’s capability has been in precision engineering and has been in the forefront for over four decades now. The group is a market leader in the engineering business and offers state of the art solutions for the Turbo-Generator island and industrial Gear Boxes. Triveni group has set up the first co-generation plant in India.

Triveni aims to create value and delight for its consumers and stake holders. It incorporates technology as a key differentiator in all its businesses to sustain leadership position and deliver growth.

Services Include:

  • Erection and Commissioning
  • Periodic Overhauling
  • Long Term Service Agreement
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Training Solution
  • Spares
  • Customization and Upgradation
  • Refurbishing
  • Comprehensive O & M Services



Summit Electric Supply

Sophisticated Electrical Components, Cables and Project Solutions

  • Audio / Visual Signals – Sirens, Bells, Signal Lights
  • Ballasts – Fluorescent, HID
  • Distribution Systems – Dry-type transformers, Metering
  • Products & Switches, Panel Boards, Switchgear & Motor
  • Control Centres (NEMA IEC), Utility & Pad mount
  • Transformers
  • Custom Distribution Systems – Powerhouses, Explosion- proof switch racks, starters, panel boards, disconnects, combination starters, IEC breakers
  • Cables – Industrial / Marine – & Fittings – Electrical & Instrumentation Cables, Rig cables, Shipboard cables, Cable glands, Cable termination, Cable trays
  • Conduits & Fittings – Aluminium, ENT, Flexible, Plastic coated, PVC rigid coated steel, Rigid galvanized steel
  • Transformers – Buck-boost, Drive isolation, Electro-static, Industrial control, K-Factor, Mini-power centers, Oil-filled pad mounts

Process and Power Automation Solutions

Leveraged for providing unique, creative and practical Automation solutions complete with competitive innovative and professional execution of LTSC MAC, MIC, LDSC contracts for Greenfield, Brownfield, Revamp projects in various sectors.



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