Health & Safety

Being an environmental company, Newtech started its activities in the field of Air & Water – first started marketing water purification systems based on copper & silver ionization, Indoor air purification systems which helps clean the indoor air pollution from smoke, dust, etc., Also started selling air curtains which prevents dust getting inside and at the same time preventing air conditioned air going out thus saving 40% energy. Slowly, it entered into the industrial market – supplied dust collectors, participated in the ESP, Sewerage treatment plants, etc,

Since it has been already in the indoor air quality market, clients started asking as to how to find out the quality of the air in the office buildings, etc. Which resulted in signing an agreement with the largest producers of Indoor Air quality monitoring instruments, Graywolf in the year 2003. Now Newtech thus supply, commission and train Graywolf instuments in the middle east.

To cater to the commercial market, Newtech started marketing HAVC systems (air handling units of ABB/Flakt and successfully executed Bahrain City Centre and its hotel fit outs, King Hamad Hospitals, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland projects.

BW Technologies

Innovative gas detection instrumentation – success achieved through a commitment to providing customers with high performance, dependable products backed by exceptional customer service and support. Pioneering the Rig Rat, the world’s first wireless solar-powered gas detector

A new area of gas detection – the fixed systems market, broadening the industrial base, expanded into portable gas detection market, the world’s smallest multi-gas detectors:

  • Gas Alert Max XT II
  • Gas Alert MicroClip XT
  • Gas Alert Micro 5
  • MicroDock II

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, LLC

Indoor air quality (IAQ) Monitors make proactive IAQ surveys efficient and easy to conduct. They optimize the balance between facility energy efficiency and occupant health & comfort. Identify potential IAQ issues before they become problems and respond immediately to complaints with the highly accurate, extremely advanced and most intuitive portable IAQ meters and test instrumentation available today.

These IAQ meters are designed for both walk-thru surveys and for long term (hours/days/weeks) trend logging: the 2 modes necessary for thorough indoor air quality investigations.

Other Products:

  • Toxic Gas Test Instruments
  • TVOC (PID) Monitor
  • Air Velocity Meter
  • Differential Pressure Digital Manometers
  • Pitot tube Airflow
  • Carbon Dioxide Test Meters
  • Relative Humidity (%RH) Instrument
  • Ammonia, Ozone, H2S, HCN, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, EtO, Cl2, HCl other specific gas parameters
  • Formaldehyde Data-Logger, stand-alone Monitor
  • Particulate Concentration, Particle Count Sensors
  • Laboratory Fumehood Test Instrumentation
  • Advanced Report Generator; efficient, detailed professional Environmental Reports
  • Indoor Environmental IEQ, IAQ Survey Meters
  • Volume Flow & Ventilation Test Meter

Air Quality Engineering

Air Quality Engineering has drawn on the past 30 years of experience to manufacture complete air filtration systems that provide the most filtration performance, efficiency and capacity for the money. Our experience has led to the unique Coanda airflow pattern increasing the performance of the air cleaner as well as heat distribution of your environment, our patent pending variable voltage technology to increase filtration efficiency and variable speed controls to fit the demands of the moment.

Products include:

  • Smokemaster® line of ESP for tobacco smoke
  • Miracle Air &EverClear line of HEPA type media air cleaners
  • Fume Fighter line fume filtration equipment for solder fumes
  • Mist Buster line of oil and mist collectors.

 Mars Air Systems

Mars Air Systems has been manufacturing high quality air curtains for over 50 years. Our air curtains protect building environments from energy loss and windborne dust, dirt and fumes, along with flying insects. The air barrier created by the light stream of air over a doorway helps to improve inside sanitation and reduce operational energy costs.

Mars Air Curtains qualify for LEED point credits when utilized with in a building management system and help to support Green Build initiatives.   Mars is a global company with factory trained manufacturers representatives and dealers/distributors located across the US and internationally.

Products include:

  • Lo-Pro for Commercial & Quiet applications
  • Standard HV & EP Series for Industrial applications
  • HEPAC Air curtains for hospitals & Clean rooms


Caribbean Clear

Ionization system, based on the NASA technology. A computer monitors the water condition and electrode wear and then introduces minute amounts of copper and silver ions into the water. Copper is an excellent algaecide and the EPA reports that extremely small amounts of silver are sufficient to sterilize water.

Computerized automatic controller can inject right amount of copper and silver ions and also dose right amount of Chlorine/Bromine and Hydrochloric acid to maintain the balance of pH in the swimming pool water.

Caribbean Clear offers a full line of copper/silver ionization products for spas, backyard pools and commercial applications. Experience has shown that matching ionization performance with water volume and the water’s characteristics is important for proper performance and optimum efficiency. Each Caribbean Clear system offers at least 10 output settings which allow full control of the ionization output and the resulting levels of copper and silver. Periodic testing with the included test kit will allow the pool operator to determine the copper level and make any adjustments necessary.


Carmanah Technologies

We have ventured into the business Airfield Safety & other solutions with an intention of serving all the major International and National Airports in the GCC Region and other countries as well.

 Airfield Lighting

We provide a wide range of flexible airfield lighting solutions using the most cost-efficient and scalable solar energy source.

The durable airfield systems install within hours for maintenance-free operations without grid power, buried cable or airfield electrical vaults. With rugged, wire-free designs and sophisticated solar energy management systems, these products are ideally suited for use at locations around the globe.


Product Range:

  • PAPI / APAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicators)
  • Runway Lighting
  • Taxiway & Apron Lights
  • ERGL
  • Helipad Lighting
  • Wind Cones
  • Airfield Signs
  • Wireless Controls
  • Obstruction Marking

PLATAN Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Platan is a leading manufacturer of Public Warning Systems branded digitex and PBX Systems branded Platan. In the design offices, highly qualified telecommunication and electronic specialists create solutions based on state-of-the-art global technologies and trends. All of the products are tailor made to meet market needs and expectations.

Digitex offer high quality DSE Electronic Sirens, radio- and telecommunication solutions. The products are widely used by Civil Defence, Fire Services, Emergency Ambulance Services, other rescue services as well as public institutions and the business sector.

Products Include:

  • Public Warning Systems
  • Electronic Sirens
  • digitexRDS Dispatcher System
  • Telecommunication Systems


OWLS Security Solutions Include:

  • Embedded, Invisible IP-Camera
  • Optimized LED Lighting
  • CCTV Security and Analytics
  • Customized Added Value

In an ALL-IN-ONE Solution.

Traffic Logix

Radar Speed Signs

SafePace 100 – Portable compact solution offering exceptional visibility and power efficiency at remarkably affordable pricing.

SafePace 400 – is a static “YOUR SPEED” radar speed sign, competitively priced, with full range of functionality and outstanding features such as easy-to-use management software, sign scheduling, data collection, robust statistical reporting, low power con­sumption and unique vandal resistant construction.

SafePace 600 – this versatile radar feedback sign has two lines of completely customizable LEDs that can display text, graphics, or animation. Displays chosen message(s), based on scheduling or driver behavior, ranging from just speed alerts to notifications about an event, construction or dangerous road conditions.

SafePace 700 – similar to Safe Pace 600 except for larger display digits.

SafePace 800 – offers unparalleled versatility with both radar speed display and variable message board in one streamlined sign), based on scheduling or driver behavior. The full matrix LED sign can be rotated from a vertical driver feedback sign to a horizontal message board.

School Zone Systems – protects children around their schools by reducing the speed of passing cars and decreasing the likelihood of vehicle accidents. The school zone flashing signs are a low cost, low maintenance traffic calming alternative that ensures children can walk and bike to school safely. The flashing school zone system accommodates any of the Traffic Logix SafePace radar speed display signs.

SafePace Beacon System – provides a visual alert to drivers of changed driving conditions such as school zones, pedestrian crossing, or construction ahead, proven to improve safety by making drivers more vigilant and are a low-cost, low-maintenance solution.

radar-speed radar-speed

Modular Rubber Solutions

  • Speed Humps – Traditional traffic calming to slow cars on residential streets.
  • Speed Tables – Flat topped speed humps for more gradual speed reduction.
  • Speed Cushions – Series of small speed humps that slow cars without impeding emergency vehicles.
  • Speed Bumps – Highly visible speed bumps slow traffic to between 2-5 mph
  • Alley Bumps – Designed to address speeding and cut-through in alleyways.

modular-rubber-solution modular-rubber-solution


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