About Us

Our vision is to be “a Sales and Customer Driven Company”. We are committed to provide the best value to our customers and are shared by the entire organization, which is evidenced by both the number of long standing relationships we have developed over the years and the new relationships that we develop every day.

At Newtech, we believe that every individual has responsibility towards the environment that we live in. Pursuing that belief we know the importance of air & water being the essentials of life. With global warming changing the quality of our world, we play a unified role in decreasing the detrimental effects of industrialization on the quality of air and water in the Middle East.

We endeavor to provide effective solutions for the threats posed to air and water by the process of industrialization. Since our inception in February 1991, we have kept pace with the giant strides that the country has been making in the industrial and commercial arenas under the visionary leadership of its rulers. Newtech has ventured into the realms of Electro-Mechanics, Instrumentation and Process Control and has emerged as a leading supplier/service provider in these fields.

Newtech’s acceptance into the industrial sector as a supplier of quality products and services are due largely to its commitment to quality in their equipment and after-sales service that meet the requirements and satisfaction of their customers.

With a view to providing specialized expertise for the growing environmental needs of our market, a new company called Envirotech Consultancy W.L.L was formed in 1999. It is an independent environmental monitoring and consultancy firm that provides comprehensive environmental testing and compliance consulting services to industrial and commercial clients.

Our on-site testing facility is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology for precise and reliable results. Envirotech has technical collaborations and associations with a number of international engineering consultancy companies and environmental laboratories to provide added value to its services.

Our Motto

Envirotech has carved its niche for itself in the Environmental Sector because of its ongoing commitment to quality in its products and services


  • 10:08 am February 09,2016
    Envirotech Consultancy SPC has signed a contract with M/s. Bahrain... read more...