Leak Detection

Leak Detection And Repairing(LDAR) for Oil & Gas Industries

Most industry processes where Volatile organic compound are manufactured or used have regulations. In Oil & Gas facilities there may be over 100,000 pieces of regulated process equipment that could leak VOC’s. Each and every piece may be tested for leaks several times each year and the information on leak repairs has to be recorded.

Newtech can conduct the Leak detection campaign one of two ways. The common work practice which is Method 21 of the USEPA and the smart LDAR also called the alternative method which uses the infrared camera.



Under Ground water line Leak Detection

Over time underground pipes can get corroded and start leaking or even break due to settling and other factors, the leaking water can cause a lot of damage and financial difficulty.

We provide Water line leak detection services using reputed equipment to find the source of the leak. We are capable of conducting the tests using both electroacoustic and tracer gas methods. We will provide a report on the study conducted which will help you decide where the repairs need to made. We can help you find the source of your water loss and save you money.



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