About Us

According to the International Energy Association, the worldwide demand for electrical energy is growing every year and consumption will increase by more than 60% in the next 20 years. Increased consumption and limited fossil energy resources require the use of renewable energy today.

Newtech International is dedicated to providing technologically advanced products and solutions to achieve alternate energy solutions designed for the Indian market.

Newtech International is an independent division of Newtech International WLL, which was founded by Mr. A. Ponnuchamy in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1991.

To provide environmental solutions, Envirotech Consultancy SPC was established in 1999.

In order to cater to the fast growing Qatar market, a branch of Newtech International Limited was established in 2005.

Now Newtech has planned to expand its operations in India and has established yet another branch in Madurai to serve the needs of the market, particularly in terms of energy and power requirements.

Our Motto

Service with sincerity and dedication


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